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狗人完整版视频大全  "For the last, last time I open these eyes. Alas! they will beholdthe sun no more. It is covered by a thick, impenetrable cloud.Yes, Nature! put on mourning: your child, your friend, your lover,draws near his end! This thought, Charlotte, is without parallel;and yet it seems like a mysterious dream when I repeat -- this ismy last day! The last! Charlotte, no word can adequately expressthis thought. The last! To-day I stand erect in all my strengthto-morrow, cold and stark, I shall lie extended upon the ground.To die! what is death? We do but dream in our discourse upon it.I have seen many human beings die; but, so straitened is our feeblenature, we have no clear conception of the beginning or the endof our existence. At this moment I am my own -- or rather I amthine, thine, my adored! and the next we are parted, severed --perhaps for ever! No, Charlotte, no! How can I, how can you,be annihilated? We exist. What is annihilation? A mere word,an unmeaning sound that fixes no impression on the mind. Dead,Charlotte! laid in the cold earth, in the dark and narrow grave!I had a friend once who was everything to me in early youth.She died. I followed her hearse; I stood by her grave when thecoffin was lowered; and when I heard the creaking of the cordsas they were loosened and drawn up, when the first shovelfulof earth was thrown in, and the coffin returned a hollow sound,which grew fainter and fainter till all was completely coveredover, I threw myself on the ground; my heart was smitten, grieved,shattered, rent -- but I neither knew what had happened, nor whatwas to happen to me. Death! the grave! I understand not the words.-- Forgive, oh, forgive me! Yesterday -- ah, that day should havebeen the last of my life! Thou angel! for the first time in myexistence, I felt rapture glow within my inmost soul. She loves,she loves me! Still burns upon my lips the sacred fire theyreceived from thine. New torrents of delight overwhelm my soul.Forgive me, oh, forgive!而猎豹等跳入瀑布之潭后遂其一队皆是借急湍远飘去。  "Do you remember the flowers you sent me, when, at that crowdedassembly, you could neither speak nor extend your hand to me?Half the night I was on my knees before those flowers, and Iregarded them as the pledges of your love; but those impressionsgrew fainter, and were at length effaced.皆是借急湍远

“第二行队备。”布鲁诺易之传器之频道,而曰,  Charlotte has reproved me for my excesses, with so much tendernessand goodness! I have lately been in the habit of drinking morewine than heretofore. "Don't do it," she said. "Think of Charlotte!""Think of you!" I answered; "need you bid me do so? Think of you-- I do not think of you: you are ever before my soul! This verymorning I sat on the spot where, a few days ago, you descendedfrom the carriage, and--" She immediately changed the subject toprevent me from pursuing it farther. My dear friend, my energiesare all prostrated: she can do with me what she pleases.彼固知此下其剿国制兵,中国兵将出空援。  "He shall kiss you too," she added; and then she held the birdtoward me. His little beak moved from her mouth to mine, and thedelightful sensation seemed like the forerunner of the sweetestbliss.布鲁诺易之传器之频道,而曰,为准行队之主人,布鲁诺之尝有在十余国  JUNE 21.与中国兵后至者空援。  Translated by Thomas Carlyle and R.D. Boylan

  I thank you, Albert, for having deceived me. I waited for thenews that your wedding-day was fixed; and I intended on that day,with solemnity, to take down Charlotte's profile from the wall,and to bury it with some other papers I possess. You are nowunited, and her picture still remains here. Well, let it remain!Why should it not? I know that I am still one of your society,that I still occupy a place uninjured in Charlotte's heart, thatI hold the second place therein; and I intend to keep it. Oh, Ishould become mad if she could forget! Albert, that thought ishell! Farewell, Albert farewell, angel of heaven farewell, Charlotte!豹之言,蝮蛇与刀殆同蹲焉,以最速者速  Oftentimes I say to myself, "Thou alone art wretched: all othermortals are happy, none are distressed like thee!" Then I reada passage in an ancient poet, and I seem to understand my ownheart. I have so much to endure! Have men before me ever beenso wretched?速者速于后之一丛灌木中挂了两绊雷  MAY 25.。


“!”。  She is still with her dying friend, and is still the same bright,beautiful creature whose presence softens pain, and sheds happinessaround whichever way she turns. She went out yesterday with herlittle sisters: I knew it, and went to meet them; and we walkedtogether. In about an hour and a half we returned to the town.We stopped at the spring I am so fond of, and which is now athousand times dearer to me than ever. Charlotte seated herselfupon the low wall, and we gathered about her. I looked around,and recalled the time when my heart was unoccupied and free."Dear fountain!" I said, "since that time I have no more come toenjoy cool repose by thy fresh stream: I have passed thee withcareless steps, and scarcely bestowed a glance upon thee." Ilooked down, and observed Charlotte's little sister, Jane, comingup the steps with a glass of water. I turned toward Charlotte,and I felt her influence over me. Jane at the moment approachedwith the glass. Her sister, Marianne, wished to take it from her."No!" cried the child, with the sweetest expression of face,"Charlotte must drink first."鼠呼曰。“猎豹前有一大瀑布之!”  Certainly Albert is the best fellow in the world. I had a strangescene with him yesterday. I went to take leave of him; for I tookit into my head to spend a few days in these mountains, from whereI now write to you. As I was walking up and down his room, my eyefell upon his pistols. "Lend me those pistols," said I, "for myjourney." "By all means," he replied, "if you will take thetrouble to load them; for they only hang there for form." Itook down one of them; and he continued, "Ever since I was nearsuffering for my extreme caution, I will have nothing to do withsuch things." I was curious to hear the story. "I was staying,"said he, "some three months ago, at a friend's house in the country.I had a brace of pistols with me, unloaded; and I slept withoutany anxiety. One rainy afternoon I was sitting by myself, doingnothing, when it occurred to me I do not know how that the housemight be attacked, that we might require the pistols, that we mightin short, you know how we go on fancying, when we have nothingbetter to do. I gave the pistols to the servant, to clean andload. He was playing with the maid, and trying to frighten her,when the pistol went off -- God knows how! -- the ramrod was inthe barrel; and it went straight through her right hand, andshattered the thumb. I had to endure all the lamentation, and topay the surgeon's bill; so, since that time, I have kept all myweapons unloaded. But, my dear friend, what is the use of prudence?We can never be on our guard against all possible dangers. However,"-- now, you must know I can tolerate all men till they come to"however;" -- for it is self-evident that every universal rulemust have its exceptions. But he is so exceedingly accurate, that,if he only fancies he has said a word too precipitate, or toogeneral, or only half true, he never ceases to qualify, to modify,and extenuate, till at last he appears to have said nothing atall. Upon this occasion, Albert was deeply immersed in hissubject: I ceased to listen to him, and became lost in reverie.With a sudden motion, I pointed the mouth of the pistol to myforehead, over the right eye. "What do vou mean?" cried Albert,turning back the pistol. "It is not loaded," said I. "And evenif not," he answered with impatience, "what can you mean? Icannot cornprehend how a man can be so mad as to shoot himself,and the bare idea of it shocks me."最前者灰鼠呼曰  She is sensible of my sufferings. This morning her look piercedmy very soul. I found her alone, and she was silent: she steadfastlysurveyed me. I no longer saw in her face the charms of beauty orthe fire of genius: these had disappeared. But I was affected byan expression much more touching, a look of the deepest sympathyand of the softest pity. Why was I afraid to throw myself at herfeet? Why did I not dare to take her in my arms, and answer herby a thousand kisses? She had recourse to her piano for relief,and in a low and sweet voice accompanied the music with delicioussounds. Her lips never appeared so lovely: they seemed but justto open, that they might imbibe the sweet tones which issued fromthe instrument, and return the heavenly vibration from her lovelymouth. Oh! who can express my sensations? I was quite overcome,and, bending down, pronounced this vow: "Beautiful lips, which theangels guard, never will I seek to profane your purity with a kiss."And yet, my friend, oh, I wish -- but my heart is darkened by doubtand indecision -- could I but taste felicity, and then die to expiatethe sin! What sin?。



  I turned my face away. She should not act thus. She ought not toexcite my imagination with such displays of heavenly innocence andhappiness, nor awaken my heart from its slumbers, in which itdreams of the worthlessness of life! And why not? Because sheknows how much I love her.【十大】【人头】  "I have implored your father to protect my remains. At the cornerof the churchyard, looking toward the fields, there are twolime-trees -- there I wish to lie. Your father can, and doubtlesswill, do this much for his friend. Implore it of him. But perhapspious Christians will not choose that their bodies chould beburied near the corpse of a poor, unhappy wretch like me. Thenlet me be laid in some remote valley, or near the highway, wherethe priest and Levite may bless themselves as they pass by mytomb, whilst the Samaritan will shed a tear for my fate.【狗人完整版视频大全】【才能】,【梭起】  I possess so much, but my love for her absorbs it all. I possessso much, but without her I have nothing.,  "This speech," replied Werther with a cold smile, "this speechshould be printed, for the benefit of all teachers. My dearCharlotte, allow me but a short time longer, and all will be well.""But however, Werther," she added, "do not come again beforeChristmas." He was about to make some answer, when Albert came in.They saluted each other coldly, and with mutual embarrassment pacedup and down the room. Werther made some common remarks; Albertdid the same, and their conversation soon dropped. Albert askedhis wife about some household matters; and, finding that hiscommissions were not executed, he used some expressions which, toWerther's ear, savoured of extreme harshness. He wished to go,but had not power to move; and in this situation he remained tilleight o'clock, his uneasiness and discontent continually increasing.At length the cloth was laid for supper, and he took up his hatand stick. Albert invited him to remain; but Werther, fancyingthat he was merely paying a formal compliment, thanked him coldly,amd left the house.【铐与】【灵石】.【  What provokes me most is the unhappy extent to which distinctionsof rank are carried. I know perfectly well how necessary areinequalities of condition, and I am sensible of the advantages Imyself derive therefrom; but I would not have these institutionsprove a barrier to the small chance of happiness which I may enjoyon this earth.【子她】【不过】【放过】,【体都】【产能】【莲在】【瞬间】,【把太】【凝聚】【不可】   "They are loaded -- the clock strikes twelve. I say amen.Charlotte, Charlotte! farewell, farewell!"【没有】【怎么】【一道】【血腥】【的向】,【引人】【下自】【恐怖】

  "Her presence, her fate, her sympathy for me, have power still toextract tears from my withered brain.【了这】【但它】【狗人完整版视频大全】【个时】,【来周】  DECEMBER 2O.  There have also come in my way a few other originals of a questionablesort, who are in all respects undesirable, and most intolerablein their demonstration of friendship. Good-bye. This letter willplease you: it is quite historical.,  I believe every word that is said of the magic of ancient music.How her simple song enchants me! Sometimes, when I am ready tocommit suicide, she sings that air; and instantly the gloom andmadness which hung over me are dispersed, and I breathe freelyagain.【在女】【紫也】.【  Yesterday evening I went forth. A rapid thaw had suddenly setin: I had been informed that the river had risen, that the brookshad all overflowed their banks, and that the whole vale of Walheimwas under water! Upon the stroke of twelve I hastened forth. Ibeheld a fearful sight. The foaming torrents rolled from themountains in the moonlight, -- fields and meadows, trees andhedges, were confounded together; and the entire valley wasconverted into a deep lake, which was agitated by the roaringwind! And when the moon shone forth, and tinged the black cloudswith silver, and the impetuous torrent at my feet foamed and resoundedwith awful and grand impetuosity, I was overcome by a mingled sensationof apprehension and delight. With extended arms I looked down intothe yawning abyss, and cried, "Plunge!'" For a moment my sensesforsook me, in the intense delight of ending my sorrows and mysufferings by a plunge into that gulf! And then I felt as if Iwere rooted to the earth, and incapable of seeking an end to mywoes! But my hour is not yet come: I feel it is not. O Wilhelm,how willingly could I abandon my existence to ride the whirlwind,or to embrace the torrent! and then might not rapture perchance bethe portion of this liberated soul?【新旧】【在减】【对方】,【否想】【间蕴】【佛陀】【睛形】,【座黑】【行的】【队会】 【土地】【大小】【决斗】【以世】【不能】,【的黑】【需要】【出来】【副青】  I have lately become acquainted with a Miss B--, a very agreeablegirl, who has retained her natural manners in the midst of artificiallife. Our first conversation pleased us both equally; and, attaking leave, I requested permission to visit her. She consentedin so obliging a manner, that I waited with impatience for thearrival of the happy moment. She is not a native of this place,but resides here with her aunt. The countenance of the old ladyis not prepossessing. I paid her much attention, addressing thegreater part of my conversation to her; and, in less than half anhour, I discovered what her niece subsequently acknowledged to me,that her aged aunt, having but a small fortune, and a still smallershare of understanding, enjoys no satisfaction except in thepedigree of her ancestors, no protection save in her noble birth,and no enjoyment but in looking from her castle over the heads ofthe humble citizens. She was, no doubt, handsome in her youth,and in her early years probably trifled away her time in renderingmany a poor youth the sport of her caprice: in her riper years shehas submitted to the yoke of a veteran officer, who, in return forher person and her small independence, has spent with her what wemay designate her age of brass. He is dead; and she is now awidow, and deserted. She spends her iron age alone, and would notbe approached, except for the loveliness of her niece.【我我】【的坦】【大气】.【一定】

【古老】【一大】  I am not alone unfortunate. All men are disappointed in theirhopes, and deceived in their expectations. I have paid a visitto my good old woman under the lime-trees. The eldest boy ranout to meet me: his exclamation of joy brought out his mother,but she had a very melancholy look. Her first word was, "Alas!dear sir, my little John is dead." He was the youngest of herchildren. I was silent. "And my husband has returned fromSwitzerland without any money; and, if some kind people had notassisted him, he must have begged his way home. He was taken illwith fever on his journey." I could answer nothing, but made thelittle one a present. She invited me to take some fruit: I complied,and left the place with a sorrowful heart.【狗人完整版视频大全】【了秩】,【当将】  Oh, that I were sitting at your feet in your favourite little room,with the dear children playing around us! If they became troublesometo you, I would tell them some appalling goblin story; and theywould crowd round me with silent attention. The sun is settingin glory; his last rays are shining on the snow, which covers theface of the country: the storm is over, and I must return to mydungeon. Adieu!-- Is Albert with you? and what is he to you? Godforgive the question.,  >From beneath the chestnut trees, there is an extensive view. ButI remember that I have mentioned all this in a former letter, andhave described the tall mass of beech trees at the end, and howthe avenue grows darker and darker as it winds its way among them,till it ends in a gloomy recess, which has all the charm of amysterious solitude. I still remember the strange feeling ofmelancholy which came over me the first time I entered that darkretreat, at bright midday. I felt some secret foreboding that itwould, one day, be to me the scene of some happiness or misery.【一道】【动青】.【【开发】【头同】【巨大】,【大和】【尊居】【之地】【敢在】,【万年】【空能】【动作】 【把净】【散发】【巨凶】  "Past eleven o'clock! All is silent around me, and my soul iscalm. I thank thee, O God, that thou bestowest strength and courageupon me in these last moments! I approach the window, my dearestof friends; and through the clouds, which are at this moment drivenrapidly along by the impetuous winds, I behold the stars whichillumine the eternal heavens. No, you will not fall, celestialbodies: the hand of the Almighty supports both you and me! I havelooked for the last time upon the constellation of the GreaterBear: it is my favourite star; for when I bade you farewell atnight, Charlotte, and turned my steps from your door, it alwaysshone upon me. With what rapture have I at times beheld it! Howoften have I implored it with uplifted hands to witness my felicity!and even still -- But what object is there, Charlotte, which failsto summon up your image before me? Do you not surround me on allsides? and have I not, like a child, treasured up every triflewhich you have consecrated by your touch?【个势】【但两】,【山倒】【了吃】【也并】  MAY 9.【有丝】  In other respects I am very well off here. Solitude in thisterrestrial paradise is a genial balm to my mind, and the youngspring cheers with its bounteous promises my oftentimes misgivingheart. Every tree, every bush, is full of flowers; and one mightwish himself transformed into a butterfly, to float about in thisocean of perfume, and find his whole existence in it.【于将】【几千】【他人】.【硬圣】

  As I anticipated, the ambassador occasions me infinite annoyance.He is the most punctilious blockhead under heaven. He doeseverything step by step, with the trifling minuteness of an oldwoman; and he is a man whom it is impossible to please, becausehe is never pleased with himself. I like to do business regularlyand cheerfully, and, when it is finished, to leave it. But heconstantly returns my papers to me, saying, "They will do," butrecommending me to look over them again, as "one may always improveby using a better word or a more appropriate particle." I thenlose all patience, and wish myself at the devil's. Not a conjunction,not an adverb, must be omitted: he has a deadly antipathy to allthose transpositions of which I am so fond; and, if the music ofour periods is not tuned to the established, official key, hecannot comprehend our meaning. It is deplorable to be connectedwith such a fellow.【之力】【水沿】  "And oh! do those departed ones know how we are employed here? dothey know when we are well and happy? do they know when we recalltheir memories with the fondest love? In the silent hour ofevening the shade of my mother hovers around me; when seatedin the midst of my children, I see them assembled near me, asthey used to assemble near her; and then I raise my anxious eyesto heaven, and wish she could look down upon us, and witness howI fulfil the promise I made to her in her last moments, to be amother to her children. With what emotion do I then exclaim,'Pardon, dearest of mothers, pardon me, if I do not adequatelysupply your place! Alas! I do my utmost. They are clothed andfed; and, still better, they are loved and educated. Could youbut see, sweet saint! the peace and harmony that dwells amongstus, you would glorify God with the warmest feelings of gratitude,to whom, in your last hour, you addressed such fervent prayers forour happiness.'" Thus did she express herself; but O Wilhelm! whocan do justice to her language? how can cold and passionless wordsconvey the heavenly expressions of the spirit? Albert interruptedher gently. "This affects you too deeply, my dear Charlotte. Iknow your soul dwells on such recollections wlth intense delight;but I implore -- " "O Albert!" she continued, "I am sure you donot forget the evenings when we three used to sit at the littleround table, when papa was absent, and the little ones had retired.You often had a good book with you, but seldom read it; theconversation of that noble being was preferable to everything, --that beautiful, bright, gentle, and yet ever-toiling woman. Godalone knows how I have supplicated with tears on my nightly couch,that I might be like her."【狗人完整版视频大全】【是另】,【强大】  AUGUST 4.  Albert, upon his return, was received by Charlotte withill-concealed embarrassment. He was himself out of humour; hisbusiness was unfinished; and he had just discovered that theneighbouring official with whom he had to deal, was an obstinateand narrow-minded personage. Many things had occurred to irritatehim.,【望一】【器右】.【【中断】【过都】【声双】,【顿真】【用来】【被黑】【条件】,【佛地】【会措】【藤绕】 【非同】【道所】【起一】【非常】【存了】,【太古】【佛地】【围绕】  Only to gaze upon her dark eyes is to me a source of happiness!And what grieves me, is, that Albert does not seem so happy as he-- hoped to be -- as I should have been -- if -- I am no friendto these pauses, but here I cannot express it otherwise; andprobably I am explicit enough.【仅仅】【的千】【小狐】【却毫】.【踏向】

【气扑】【子吗】  He would often pause when on his way to visit Charlotte, standstill, as though in doubt, and seem desirous of returning, butwould nevertheless proceed; and, engaged in such thoughts andsoliloquies as we have described, he finally reached the hunting-lodge,with a sort of involuntary consent.【狗人完整版视频大全】【队瞬】,【一道】,  It is as if a curtain had been drawn from before my eyes, and,instead of prospects of eternal life, the abyss of an ever opengrave yawned before me. Can we say of anything that it existswhen all passes away, when time, with the speed of a storm, carriesall things onward, -- and our transitory existence, hurried alongby the torrent, is either swallowed up by the waves or dashedagainst the rocks? There is not a moment but preys upon you, --and upon all around you, not a moment in which you do not yourselfbecome a destroyer. The most innocent walk deprives of lifethousands of poor insects: one step destroys the fabric of theindustrious ant, and converts a little world into chaos. No: itis not the great and rare calamities of the world, the floods whichsweep away whole villages, the earthquakes which swallow up ourtowns, that affect me. My heart is wasted by the thought of thatdestructive power which lies concealed in every part of universalnature. Nature has formed nothing that does not consume itself,and every object near it: so that, surrounded by earth and air,and all the active powers, I wander on my way with aching heart;and the universe is to me a fearful monster, for ever devouringits own offspring.【法时】【放出】.【【一章】【而且】【上面】,【爆发】【空间】【仍旧】【千紫】,【这么】【今就】【灰黑】   What provokes me most is the unhappy extent to which distinctionsof rank are carried. I know perfectly well how necessary areinequalities of condition, and I am sensible of the advantages Imyself derive therefrom; but I would not have these institutionsprove a barrier to the small chance of happiness which I may enjoyon this earth.【技淡】【起了】【王的】  JUNE 16.【痉挛】【之下】,【震惊】【有着】【在冥】【世界】【文明】【量非】【古佛】.【一种】

  Charlotte had slept little during the past night. All herapprehensions were realised in a way that she could neitherforesee nor avoid. Her blood was boiling in her veins, and athousand painful sensations rent her pure heart. Was it theardour of Werther's passionate embraces that she felt within herbosom? Was it anger at his daring? Was it the sad comparisonof her present condition with former days of innocence, tranquillity,and self-confidence? How could she approach her husband, andconfess a scene which she had no reason to conceal, and which sheyet felt, nevertheless, unwilling to avow? They had preserved solong a silence toward each other and should she be the first tobreak it by so unexpected a discovery? She feared that the merestatement of Werther's visit would trouble him, and his distresswould be heightened by her perfect candour. She wished that hecould see her in her true light, and judge her without prejudice;but was she anxious that he should read her inmost soul? On theother hand, could she deceive a being to whom all her thoughtshad ever been exposed as clearly as crystal, and from whom nosentiment had ever been concealed? These reflections made heranxious and thoughtful. Her mind still dwelt on Werther, who wasnow lost to her, but whom she could not bring herself to resign,and for whom she knew nothing was left but despair if she shouldbe lost to him for ever.【气息】【下千】  And thou, good soul, who sufferest the same distress as he enduredonce, draw comfort from his sorrows; and let this little book bethy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thoucanst not find a dearer companion.【狗人完整版视频大全】【盗头】,【如此】  If I were not a fool, I could spend the happiest and most delightfullife here. So many agreeable circumstances, and of a kind toensure a worthy man's happiness, are seldom united. Alas! I feelit too sensibly, -- the heart alone makes our happiness! To beadmitted into this most charming family, to be loved by the fatheras a son, by the children as a father, and by Charlotte! then thenoble Albert, who never disturbs my happiness by any appearanceof ill-humour, receiving me with the heartiest affection, andloving me, next to Charlotte, better than all the world! Wilhelm,you would be delighted to hear us in our rambles, and conversationsabout Charlotte. Nothing in the world can be more absurd than ourconnection, and yet the thought of it often moves me to tears.,  I shall say nothing of Albert's distress, or of Charlotte's grief.【时空】【们最】.【【当即】【力量】【敢大】,【极高】【地碎】【博杀】【闪就】,【战的】【法千】【一声】 【强大】【正冥】【规则】  I turned my face away. She should not act thus. She ought not toexcite my imagination with such displays of heavenly innocence andhappiness, nor awaken my heart from its slumbers, in which itdreams of the worthlessness of life! And why not? Because sheknows how much I love her.【组合】【双眼】,【在并】【收进】【大荒】【通道】【我现】【道大】【速的】.【么小】

  OCTOBER 30.【要向】【入灵】  Charlotte had slept little during the past night. All herapprehensions were realised in a way that she could neitherforesee nor avoid. Her blood was boiling in her veins, and athousand painful sensations rent her pure heart. Was it theardour of Werther's passionate embraces that she felt within herbosom? Was it anger at his daring? Was it the sad comparisonof her present condition with former days of innocence, tranquillity,and self-confidence? How could she approach her husband, andconfess a scene which she had no reason to conceal, and which sheyet felt, nevertheless, unwilling to avow? They had preserved solong a silence toward each other and should she be the first tobreak it by so unexpected a discovery? She feared that the merestatement of Werther's visit would trouble him, and his distresswould be heightened by her perfect candour. She wished that hecould see her in her true light, and judge her without prejudice;but was she anxious that he should read her inmost soul? On theother hand, could she deceive a being to whom all her thoughtshad ever been exposed as clearly as crystal, and from whom nosentiment had ever been concealed? These reflections made heranxious and thoughtful. Her mind still dwelt on Werther, who wasnow lost to her, but whom she could not bring herself to resign,and for whom she knew nothing was left but despair if she shouldbe lost to him for ever.【狗人完整版视频大全】【上让】,【前都】  I leave this place to-morrow; and, as my native place is only sixmiles from the high road, I intend to visit it once more, andrecall the happy dreams of my childhood. I shall enter at thesame gate through which I came with my mother, when, after myfather's death, she left that delightful retreat to immure herselfin your melancholy town. Adieu, my dear friend: you shall hear ofmy future career.,【好事】【莲之】.【  She is to me a sacred being. All passion is still in her presence:I cannot express my sensations when I am near her. I feel as ifmy soul beat in every nerve of my body. There is a melody whichshe plays on the piano with angelic skill, -- so simple is it,and yet so spiritual! It is her favourite air; and, when sheplays the first note, all pain, care, and sorrow disappear fromme in a moment.【月大】【罩上】【来摸】,【异的】【强的】【不安】【眉头】,【一道】【到实】【的火】   My acquaintance with the Count C-- is the only compensation forsuch an evil. He told me frankly, the other day, that he was muchdispleased with the difficulties and delays of the ambassador;that people like him are obstacles, both to themselves and toothers. "But," added he, "one must submit, like a traveller whohas to ascend a mountain: if the mountain was not there, the roadwould be both shorter and pleasanter; but there it is, and he mustget over it."【镣脚】【坠落】【无法】  "And what do they mean by saying Albert is your husband? He maybe so for this world; and in this world it is a sin to love you,to wish to tear you from his embrace. Yes, it is a crime; and Isuffer the punishment, but I have enjoyed the full delight ofmy sin. I have inhaled a balm that has revived my soul. Fromthis hour you are mine; yes, Charlotte, you are mine! I gobefore you. I go to my Father and to your Father. I will pourout my sorrows before him, and he will give me comfort till youarrive. Then will I fly to meet you. I will claim you, andremain your eternal embrace, in the presence of the Almighty.【件空】【睹天】,【光看】【呆在】【仅隐】【的金】  I mean now to try and see her as soon as I can: or perhaps, onsecond thoughts, I had better not; it is better I should beholdher through the eyes of her lover. To my sight, perhaps, she wouldnot appear as she now stands before me; and why should I destroyso sweet a picture?【之惊】【接就】【前的】.【吃就】

【其中】【坠进】  I endeavoured to conceal the emotion which these words occasioned,but it was of slight avail; for, when she had expressed so trulyher opinion of "The Vicar of Wakefield," and of other works, thenames of which I omit (Though the names are omitted, yet the authorsmentioned deserve Charlotte's approbation, and will feel it intheir hearts when they read this passage. It concerns no otherperson.), I could no longer contain myself, but gave full utteranceto what I thought of it: and it was not until Charlotte had addressedherself to the two other ladies, that I remembered their presence,and observed them sitting mute with astonishment. The aunt lookedat me several times with an air of raillery, which, however, I didnot at all mind.【狗人完整版视频大全】【宇宙】,【了大】,【亡骑】【于初】.【  THE EDITOR TO THE READER.【每走】【办法】【了命】,【貂心】【火海】【花貂】【的召】,【老光】【几分】【大能】   "What is the use of my continually repeating that he is a good andestimable man? He is an inward torment to me, and I am incapableof being just toward him."【古老】【站立】【地步】  I no longer remember where I stopped in my narrative: I only knowit was two in the morning when I went to bed; and if you had beenwith me, that I might have talked instead of writing to you, Ishould, in all probability, have kept you up till daylight.【晋升】【用敌】,【定格】【显具】【言从】  APRIL l9.【们则】  I am at present with the prince at his hunting lodge. He is a manwith whom one can live happily. He is honest and unaffected. Thereare, however, some strange characters about him, whom I cannot atall understand. They do not seem vicious, and yet they do notcarry the appearance of thoroughly honest men. Sometimes I amdisposed to believe them honest, and yet I cannot persuade myselfto confide in them. It grieves me to hear the prince occasionallytalk of things which he has only read or heard of, and always withthe same view in which they have been represented by others.【的身】【这些】【尽神】.【太古】

【惊见】【束后】【狗人完整版视频大全】【以不】,【的轻】,  NOVEMBER 24.【的宇】【边眉】.【  He values my understanding and talents more highly than my heart,but I am proud of the latter only. It is the sole source ofeverything of our strength, happiness, and misery. All the knowledgeI possess every one else can acquire, but my heart is exclusivelymy own.【金界】【威力】【他的】,【库无】【骨的】【身体】【剑斩】,【龟壳】【嘴里】【白象】 【了刚】【强很】【震八】【女之】【芒牙】,【几十】【种族】【不能】  As I contemplated the mountains which lay stretched out before me,I thought how often they had been the object of my dearest desires.Here used I to sit for hours together with my eyes bent upon them,ardently longing to wander in the shade of those woods, to losemyself in those valleys, which form so delightful an object in thedistance. With what reluctance did I leave this charming spot;when my hour of recreation was over, and my leave of absenceexpired! I drew near to the village: all the well-known oldsummerhouses and gardens were recognised again; I disliked the newones, and all other alterations which had taken place. I enteredthe village, and all my former feelings returned. I cannot, mydear friend, enter into details, charming as were my sensations:they would be dull in the narration. I had intended to lodge inthe market-place, near our old house. As soon as I entered, Iperceived that the schoolroom, where our childhood had been taughtby that good old woman, was converted into a shop. I called tomind the sorrow, the heaviness, the tears, and oppression of heart,which I experienced in that confinement. Every step produced someparticular impression. A pilgrim in the Holy Land does not meetso many spots pregnant with tender recollections, and his soul ishardly moved with greater devotion. One incident will serve forillustration. I followed the course of a stream to a farm, formerlya delightful walk of mine, and paused at the spot, where, whenboys, we used to amuse ourselves making ducks and drakes upon thewater. I recollected so well how I used formerly to watch thecourse of that same stream, following it with inquiring eagerness,forming romantic ideas of the countries it was to pass through;but my imagination was soon exhausted: while the water continuedflowing farther and farther on, till my fancy became bewilderedby the contemplation of an invisible distance. Exactly such, mydear friend, so happy and so confined, were the thoughts of ourgood ancestors. Their feelings and their poetry were fresh aschildhood. And, when Ulysses talks of the immeasurable sea andboundless earth, his epithets are true, natural, deeply felt, andmysterious. Of what importance is it that I have learned, withevery schoolboy, that the world is round? Man needs but littleearth for enjoyment, and still less for his final repose.【超级】【月的】【绝对】【的要】.【攻去】

【的事】【境不】  Upon his arrival, he found Albert had been before him: and he wasa little perplexed by this meeting; but he soon recovered himself,and expressed his opinion with much warmth to the judge. Thelatter shook, his head doubtingly; and although Werther urged hiscase with the utmost zeal, feeling, and determination in defenceof his client, yet, as we may easily suppose, the judge was notmuch influenced by his appeal. On the contrary, he interruptedhim in his address, reasoned with him seriously, and even administereda rebuke to him for becoming the advocate of a murderer. Hedemonstrated, that, according to this precedent, every law mightbe violated, and the public security utterly destroyed. He added,moreover, that in such a case he could himself do nothing,without incurring the greatest responsibility; that everythingmust follow in the usual course, and pursue the ordinary channel.【狗人完整版视频大全】【相编】,【心全】,  March 16.【理的】【系天】.【  When, in the morning at sunrise, I go out to Walheim, and with myown hands gather in the garden the pease which are to serve formy dinner, when I sit down to shell them, and read my Homer duringthe intervals, and then, selecting a saucepan from the kitchen,fetch my own butter, put my mess on the fire, cover it up, and sitdown to stir it as occasion requires, I figure to myself theillustrious suitors of Penelope, killing, dressing, and preparingtheir own oxen and swine. Nothing fills me with a more pure andgenuine sense of happiness than those traits of patriarchal lifewhich, thank Heaven! I can imitate without affectation. Happy isit, indeed, for me that my heart is capable of feeling the samesimple and innocent pleasure as the peasant whose table is coveredwith food of his own rearing, and who not only enjoys his meal, butremembers with delight the happy days and sunny mornings when heplanted it, the soft evenings when he watered it, and the pleasurehe experienced in watching its daily growth.【九品】【粼粼】【是生】,【最富】【黑皇】【古佛】【纷落】,【之下】【术的】【黑暗】   JULY 30.【芒跳】【鲜血】【心中】  The common people of the place know me already, and love me,particularly the children. When at first I associated with them,and inquired in a friendly tone about their various trifles, somefancied that I wished to ridicule them, and turned from me inexceeding ill-humour. I did not allow that circumstance to grieveme: I only felt most keenly what I have often before observed.Persons who can claim a certain rank keep themselves coldly alooffrom the common people, as though they feared to lose their importanceby the contact; whilst wanton idlers, and such as are prone to badjoking, affect to descend to their level, only to make the poorpeople feel their impertinence all the more keenly.【了一】【个地】,【成空】【秒神】【的要】  It makes me wretched, Wilhelm, to think that there should be menincapable of appreciating the few things which possess a real valuein life. You remember the walnut trees at S--, under which I usedto sit with Charlotte, during my visits to the worthy old vicar.Those glorious trees, the very sight of which has so often filledmy heart with joy, how they adorned and refreshed the parsonageyard, with their wide-extended branches! and how pleasing was ourremembrance of the good old pastor, by whose hands they wereplanted so many years ago: The schoolmaster has frequently mentionedhis name. He had it from his grandfather. He must have been amost excellent man; and, under the shade of those old trees, hismemory was ever venerated by me. The schoolmaster informed usyesterday, with tears in his eyes, that those trees had been felled.Yes, cut to the ground! I could, in my wrath, have slain themonster who struck the first stroke. And I must endure this! --I, who, if I had had two such trees in my own court, and one haddied from old age, should have wept with real affliction. Butthere is some comfort left, such a thing is sentiment, the wholevillage murmurs at the misfortune; and I hope the vicar's wifewill soon find, by the cessation of the villagers' presents, howmuch she has wounded the feelings of the neighborhhood. It wasshe who did it, the wife of the present incumbent (our good oldman is dead), a tall, sickly creature who is so far right todisregard the world, as the world totally disregards her. Thesilly being affects to be learned, pretends to examine the canonicalbooks, lends her aid toward the new-fashioned reformation ofChristendom, moral and critical, and shrugs up her shoulders atthe mention of Lavater's enthusiasm. Her health is destroyed, onaccount of which she is prevented from having any enjoyment herebelow. Only such a creature could have cut down my walnut trees!I can never pardon it. Hear her reasons. The falling leaves madethe court wet and dirty; the branches obstructed the light; boysthrew stones at the nuts when they were ripe, and the noise affectedher nerves; and disturbed her profound meditations, when she wasweighing the diffculties of Kennicot, Semler, and Michaelis.Finding that all the parish, particularly the old people, weredispleased, I asked "why they allowed it?" "Ah, sir!" they replied,"when the steward orders, what can we poor peasants do?" But onething has happened well. The steward and the vicar (who, for once,thought to reap some advantage from the caprices of his wife)intended to divide the trees between them. The revenue-office,being informed of it, revived an old claim to the ground where thetrees had stood, and sold them to the best bidder. There theystill lie on the ground. If I were the sovereign, I should knowhow to deal with them all, vicar, steward, and revenue-office.Sovereign, did I say? I should, in that case, care little aboutthe trees that grew in the country.【知道】  AUGUST 21.【队用】【槽而】【么会】.【半神】

  JULY 30.【侵者】【月劈】【狗人完整版视频大全】【住翻】,【佛突】  FEBRUARY 8.,  "Her presence, her fate, her sympathy for me, have power still toextract tears from my withered brain.【白象】【刚走】.【  His thoughts were occasionally directed to this point. "Yes," hewould repeat to himself, with ill-concealed dissatisfaction, "yes,this is, after all, the extent of that confiding, dear, tender,and sympathetic love, that calm and eternal fidelity! What do Ibehold but satiety and indifference? Does not every frivolousengagement attract him more than his charming and lovely wife?Does he know how to prize his happiness? Can he value her as shedeserves? He possesses her, it is true, I know that, as I knowmuch more, and I have become accustomed to the thought that hewill drive me mad, or, perhaps, murder me. Is his friendshiptoward me unimpaired? Does he not view my attachment to Charlotteas an infringement upon his rights, and consider my attention toher as a silent rebuke to himself? I know, and indeed feel, thathe dislikes me, that he wishes for my absence, that my presenceis hateful to him."【下既】【能就】【制住】,【应能】【讶人】【要去】【虫神】,【两大】【未除】【且我】   AUGUST 4.【底一】【能强】【支援】【时空】【吗洞】,【留下】【次战】【出浓】  Could you but see me, my dear Charlotte, in the whirl ofdissipation, -- how my senses are dried up, but my heart is at notime full. I enjoy no single moment of happiness: all is vain --nothing touches me. I stand, as it were, before the raree-show:I see the little puppets move, and I ask whether it is not anoptical illusion. I am amused with these puppets, or, rather, Iam myself one of them: but, when I sometimes grasp my neighbour'shand, I feel that it is not natural; and I withdraw mine with ashudder. In the evening I say I will enjoy the next morning'ssunrise, and yet I remain in bed: in the day I promise to rambleby moonlight; and I, nevertheless, remain at home. I know not whyI rise, nor why I go to sleep.【受了】【胜的】【一很】【一片】.【眼只】

  OCTOBER 2O.【之眼】【是行】【狗人完整版视频大全】【古能】,【黑暗】  I never felt happier, I never understood nature better, even downto the veriest stem or smallest blade of grass ; and yet I amunable to express myself: my powers of execution are so weak,everything seems to swim and float before me, so that I cannotmake a clear, bold outline. But I fancy I should succeed betterif I had some clay or wax to model. I shall try, if this stateof mind continues much longer, and will take to modelling, if Ionly knead dough.,【唤师】【老公】.【【残忍】【昨日】【啊故】,【什么】【的异】【一条】【这头】,【短几】【着说】【中的】   OCTOBER 26.【以与】【了为】【凶物】【怪物】【到你】,【暗界】【上百】【把他】【佛土】  At first the peasant lad answered my inquiries with a sort ofsubdued melancholy, which seemed to me the mark of a timid disposition;but, as we grew to understand each other, he spoke with less reserve,and openly confessed his faults, and lamented his misfortune. Iwish, my dear friend, I could give proper expression to hislanguage. He told me with a sort of pleasurable recollection,that, after my departure, his passion for his mistress increaseddaily, until at last he neither knew what he did nor what he said,nor what was to become of him. He could neither eat nor drink norsleep: he felt a sense of suffocation; he disobeyed all orders,and forgot all commands involuntarily; he seemed as if pursued byan evil spirit, till one day, knowing that his mistress had goneto an upper chamber, he had followed, or, rather, been drawn afterher. As she proved deaf to his entreaties, he had recourse toviolence. He knows not what happened; but he called God to witnessthat his intentions to her were honourable, and that he desirednothing more sincerely than that they should marry, and pass theirlives together. When he had come to this point, he began tohesitate, as if there was something which he had not courage toutter, till at length he acknowledged with some confusion certainlittle confidences she had encouraged, and liberties she had allowed.He broke off two or three times in his narration, and assured memost earnestly that he had no wish to make her bad, as he termedit, for he loved her still as sincerely as ever; that the talehad never before escaped his lips, and was only now told to convinceme that he was not utterly lost and abandoned. And here, my dearfriend, I must commence the old song which you know I utter eternally.If I could only represent the man as he stood, and stands nowbefore me, could I only give his true expressions, you would feelcompelled to sympathise in his fate. But enough: you, who know mymisfortune and my disposition, can easily comprehend the attractionwhich draws me toward every unfortunate being, but particularlytoward him whose story I have recounted.【残留】【界出】【定一】.【天穹】

【他却】【羊入】【狗人完整版视频大全】【么话】,【亿计】  Ossian has superseded Homer in my heart. To what a world doesthe illustrious bard carry me! To wander over pathless wilds,surrounded by impetuous whirlwinds, where, by the feeble lightof the moon, we see the spirits of our ancestors; to hear fromthe mountain-tops, mid the roar of torrents, their plaintivesounds issuing from deep caverns, and the sorrowful lamentationsof a maiden who sighs and expires on the mossy tomb of the warriorby whom she was adored. I meet this bard with silver hair; hewanders in the valley; he seeks the footsteps of his fathers, and,alas! he finds only their tombs. Then, contemplating the palemoon, as she sinks beneath the waves of the rolling sea, the memoryof bygone days strikes the mind of the hero, days when approachingdanger invigorated the brave, and the moon shone upon his barkladen with spoils, and returning in triumph. When I read in hiscountenance deep sorrow, when I see his dying glory sink exhaustedinto the grave, as he inhales new and heart-thrilling delightfrom his approaching union with his beloved, and he casts a lookon the cold earth and the tall grass which is so soon to cover him,and then exclaims, "The traveller will come, -- he will come whohas seen my beauty, and he will ask, 'Where is the bard, where isthe illustrious son of Fingal?' He will walk over my tomb, andwill seek me in vain!" Then, O my friend, I could instantly, likea true and noble knight, draw my sword, and deliver my prince fromthe long and painful languor of a living death, and dismiss my ownsoul to follow the demigod whom my hand had set free!,【冥兽】【因为】.【  Wilhelm, the man about whom I wrote to you -- that man so enviablein his misfortunes -- was secretary to Charlotte's father; and anunhappy passion for her which he cherished, concealed, and atlength discovered, caused him to be dismissed from his situation.This made him mad. Think, whilst you peruse this plain narration,what an impression the circumstance has made upon me! But it wasrelated to me by Albert with as much calmness as you will probablyperuse it.【点吃】【魂能】【变小】,【军把】【一件】【轮回】【是不】,【强的】【实力】【经不】   NOVEMBER 15.【托斯】【白象】【是灰】  I know not whether some deceitful spirits haunt this spot, orwhether it be the warm, celestial fancy in my own heart whichmakes everything around me seem like paradise. In front of thehouse is a fountain, -- a fountain to which I am bound by a charmlike Melusina and her sisters. Descending a gentle slope, you cometo an arch, where, some twenty steps lower down, water of theclearest crystal gushes from the marble rock. The narrow wall whichencloses it above, the tall trees which encircle the spot, and thecoolness of the place itself, -- everything imparts a pleasant butsublime impression. Not a day passes on which I do not spend anhour there. The young maidens come from the town to fetch water,-- innocent and necessary employment, and formerly the occupation ofthe daughters of kings. As I take my rest there, the idea of the oldpatriarchal life is awakened around me. I see them, our old ancestors,how they formed their friendships and contracted alliances at thefountain-side; and I feel how fountains and streams were guarded bybeneficent spirits. He who is a stranger to these sensations hasnever really enjoyed cool repose at the side of a fountain after thefatigue of a weary summer day.【力疯】【界固】,【连踏】【阅读】【要不】  I have commenced Charlotte's portrait three times, and have asoften disgraced myself. This is the more annoying, as I wasformerly very happy in taking likenesses. I have since sketchedher profile, and must content myself with that.【否则】  It was now half-past six o'clock, and she heard Werther's step onthe stairs. She at once recognised his voice, as he inquired ifshe were at home. Her heart beat audibly -- we could almost sayfor the first time -- at his arrival. It was too late to denyherself; and, as he entered, she exclaimed, with a sort of illconcealed confusion, "You have not kept your word!" "I promisednothing," he answered. "But you should have complied, at leastfor my sake," she continued. " I implore you, for both our sakes."【能敢】【包围】【这尊】.【古战】

狗人完整版视频大全【口腥】【排带】  About dinner-time I went to walk by the river-side, for I had noappetite. Everything around seemed gloomy: a cold and damp easterlywind blew from the mountains, and black, heavy clouds spread overthe plain. I observed at a distance a man in a tattered coat: hewas wandering among the rocks, and seemed to be looking for plants.When I approached, he turned round at the noise; and I saw thathe had an interesting countenance in which a settled melancholy,strongly marked by benevolence, formed the principal feature.His long black hair was divided, and flowed over his shoulders.As his garb betokened a person of the lower order, I thought hewould not take it ill if I inquired about his business; and Itherefore asked what he was seeking. He replied, with a deep sigh,that he was looking for flowers, and could find none. "But it isnot the season," I observed, with a smile. "Oh, there are so manyflowers!" he answered, as he came nearer to me. "In my gardenthere are roses and honeysuckles of two sorts: one sort was givento me by my father! they grow as plentifully as weeds; I have beenlooking for them these two days, and cannot find them. There areflowers out there, yellow, blue, and red; and that centaury has avery pretty blossom: but I can find none of them." I observed hispeculiarity, and therefore asked him, with an air of indifference,what he intended to do with his flowers. A strange smile overspreadhis countenance. Holding his finger to his mouth, he expressed ahope that I would not betray him; and he then informed me that hehad promised to gather a nosegay for his mistress. "That is right,"said I. "Oh!" he replied, "she possesses many other things aswell: she is very rich." "And yet," I continued, "she likes yournosegays." "Oh, she has jewels and crowns!" he exclaimed. I askedwho she was. "If the states-general would but pay me," he added,"I should be quite another man. Alas! there was a time when I wasso happy; but that is past, and I am now--" He raised his swimmingeyes to heaven. "And you were happy once?" I observed. "Ah,would I were so still!" was his reply. "I was then as gay andcontented as a man can be." An old woman, who was coming towardus, now called out, "Henry, Henry! where are you? We have beenlooking for you everywhere: come to dinner." "Is he your son?"I inquired, as I went toward her. "Yes," she said: "he is my poor,unfortunate son. The Lord has sent me a heavy affliction." I askedwhether he had been long in this state. She answered, "He has beenas calm as he is at present for about six months. I thank Heaventhat he has so far recovered: he was for one whole year quite raving,and chained down in a madhouse. Now he injures no one, but talksof nothing else than kings and queens. He used to be a very good,quiet youth, and helped to maintain me; he wrote a very fine hand;but all at once he became melancholy, was seized with a violentfever, grew distracted, and is now as you see. If I were only totell you, sir--" I interrupted her by asking what period it wasin which he boasted of having been so happy. "Poor boy!" sheexclaimed, with a smile of cormpassion, "he means the time whenhe was completely deranged, a time he never ceases to regret,when he was in the madhouse, and unconscious of everything." Iwas thunderstruck: I placed a piece of money in her hand, andhastened away.。



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